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Gorgeous Christine!

Eric’s younger sister agreed to model for me this afternoon, since I wanted to get in some practice taking portraits with my new camera (also to build up my portfolio for future use).  We went to the forest preserve and park down the road from her house for the first part of the shoot, and for the second part, we went to downtown Rockton, which had a beautiful gazebo and old buildings that make for great backgrounds. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. (I didn’t even edit these because I just loved how they turned out!)

And because it’s too hard to pick favorites and I don’t want this post to be a mile long, here is a slide show of more of my favorites (including those above)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took well over 200 shots and most of them turned out wonderful – I have to say, it’s pretty easy to take good pictures when your subject is Miss Christine! I will probably apply some filters and special effects to some of these and see how they look. We’ll have to frame a few in time for mother’s day, don’t you think?

Now I am on the hunt for more “test subjects.” Any volunteers?


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