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It’s Here!

Today I got my replacement for the Infantino Sling Rider that was recently recalled. I had bought the carrier when Micah was a newborn and I only used it a few times since it always seemed like he would cry when he was in it. It was also a pain to adjust. It always seemed like it held him in a really weird position. If I wore it high up so that he was almost upright, it was a little better, but I had to hold it there, defeating the purpose of wearing a sling. I usually put Micah in my homemade Moby wrap. He loved riding around in that wrap, and it was easy to wear him in a variety of positions as he grew. The only drawback was the time it took to put on the wrap, put him in, take him out and get the wrap off without ending up in a knot.

Anyway, Infantino was offering a few different options for a replacement product. I chose to get a shopping cart/restaurant high chair cover and a toy.

How cute is this pattern?

Right after I took this photo, Micah walked up, grabbed the toy and started playing with it. I think he approves of my choice!

I’m pretty impressed. Not only did Infantino own up, but they delivered a replacement very quickly. It only took a few weeks, and considering the popularity of their sling rider, I’m sure they were getting tons of orders for replacements when the recall came out.

Has anyone else taken Infantino up on their offer to replace the recalled Sling Rider? What did you choose for your replacement?

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