How to Save $100 a Year

My husband was starting to look a little too cute this weekend, so it was time for a haircut. It costs about $10 for Eric to get his hair cut at one of the discount salons around here, so it’s not extravagantly expensive, but considering he basically gets it shaved off, why spend the money?

It curls... if we let it get much longer it would "fro"

A few years ago we spent a little over $30 on a Wahl Clippers set kind of like this one. It has served us well, especially considering it paid for itself after just 3 haircuts.

Cutting your husband’s hair is not as intimidating as it sounds. I was nervous the first time, but the kit we bought came with a great instructional DVD and the actual clippers are pretty foolproof. I use the size 4 comb all over his head first.

If it's warm, I cut his hair outside to skip cleanup.

Then I take the size 2 comb and clip the sides, fading up into the top by bending my wrist at the end of each stroke. Finally, I use the right and left ear pieces to clip around his ears, and lose the comb altogether to shave the back of his neck and clean up the sideburns.


I like the way the back of his head feels after I cut his hair. I told him I was going to write on my blog that it feels like peach fuzz, but he didn’t think that sounded manly enough. So we mutually agreed that officially, it feels like the coat of a black stallion.

And of course we need a token shot of Micah, who was watching the whole time from his premier seating area (the pack -n- play).

And yes, his binkie is purple.

Do you cut your family’s hair? Do you use clippers or do you get really creative (brave) with the scissors?


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5 responses to “How to Save $100 a Year

  1. My husband has always just used clippers to buzz off his hair. He does it himself and then has me help with the back of his neck. I was so scared the first time he had me help too!

  2. Danielle (from Xanga and Facebook)

    My step-mom always cuts my dad’s hair now. They were both a little nervous when she started, but now it’s their thing and “bonding time” lol. I don’t think I’d EVER be able to cut my fiance’s hair, he is sooo picky it’s not worth the hassle lol.

  3. Charlie Hirschy

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  4. Shannon

    I just started cutting Joshua (Jr.)’s hair with scissors. It turned out better than I thought it would, and it will only get better with practice. I used to cut Josh’s hair when it was “buzzed,” but now he gets a scissors cut at Great Clips. Maybe if I master it on Joshua, Josh will let me try on him?!? Josh would happily go back to the buzz cut, but I think he looks SO much better with longer hair. thanks for the tips!

  5. We have three boys in our family, so my husband thought we would save money by him cutting their hair and…..get this … oldest son cutting my husband’s hair. Talk about scary. At first they tried this endeavor when I was gone, and I came home to my husband looking rather odd. The thought of my 13 year old boy taking a shaver to the thick, sexy hair of my husband send shivers up my spine. Now my son is 16 and I have loosened up a little bit, but I still have a disgruntled look on my face when my husband says it’s barber time.

    Great blog – I look forward to more!

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