Little Bedtime Conversations

I think Micah has begun to pick up on the little things I do, and one of them is the quiet way I talk to him at bedtime. Now that he sleeps in his big boy bed (a twin mattress on the floor), we snuggle side by side while gazing at the plastic constellations on his ceiling until he drifts to sleep. He’ll reach over and touch my face very gently with his tiny fingers and speak very softly in his baby language, as though he’s telling me stories about his day. He’ll sigh, roll back and forth a few times, plop his head down a few different ways (sometimes on my head), grab my face some more, play with my fingers, chatter some more…. this goes on for about twenty minutes and finally he’ll fall silent, fast asleep. I wish I had a little recorder to capture his tiny high pitched voice. “Da da da da, go! na na na guh guh! dee dee tee tee…”


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2 responses to “Little Bedtime Conversations

  1. Sarah

    That is soooo adorable! I admit that that’s one thing I’m a little sad about since Lydia and I never co-slept. I wish she would snuggle up next to me and fall asleep for naps or things. Maybe when I move her to a big bed we can finally have some snuggle time! Do you like having the twin bed for him? I never fully decided if I wanted to do a toddler bed or go right to a twin…

    • Kim

      I really love the twin. I can lay in bed with him for bedtime stories and there is so much room for him to toss and turn. He loves crawling on and off during the day when he is playing, and lately he plops on there when he is ready to go to sleep, too.

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