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The Big Party

The morning of Micah’s big party, I told Eric, “This is right up there with our wedding.” That was, of course, code for, “make sure nothing bad happens, otherwise I might just cry.” I had no reason to worry, however. The day turned out to be a huge success. I had a blast. Very few tears were shed. Tantrums were avoided. I was amazed at how well Micah handled all of the excitement. More than anything, I felt so blessed to have so many friends and family members there to celebrate my FIRST child’s FIRST birthday.

One thing I definitely do not regret is keeping things simple. Initially, I had a lot of plans for things like favors and elaborate decorations, but I decided to skip those things to save both time and myself from extra stress. In the end I realized they likely would have gone unnoticed anyway.

It was a lot of fun watching him open gifts. At Christmas, he really didn’t know what was going on, but this weekend he really caught on to the whole concept of these colorful boxes being full of toys just for HIM.

I made Micah this shirt using nothing more than my ink jet printer, iron-on transfer paper and a basic white toddler t-shirt (they come in a pack of five). The party theme started out as “Puppy,” but as I changed plans, I realized the only puppy item left was this shirt. Eh, that’s okay. 🙂 I love the shirt anyway!

My neighbor and friend Lindsay made this cute cake for Micah. He was very suspicious of the cake and hardly ate any of it. He doesn’t seem to be that crazy about sweets in general. He prefers chicken and veggies or spaghetti. That’s fine with me!

Rest of the photos are on Facebook for those of you who know me. Enjoy!

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Birthday Bash Preview

I started processing the photos from Micah’s big birthday bash (on the 10th) last night. We got some awesome photos and I am having a great time looking through them all.  Here are a few to tide you over until I finish…

Micah is helping my dad play Corn Hole along with his Uncle Mark.

Kyla - half of my neighbor Lindsay's set of twins - running around the yard. She is beautiful!

Marra, my first college roomie, enjoying the gorgeous weather!

You will just have to wait to see more. What a tease I am!


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