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No More Monkeys Jumping Out Of Bed

Micah must have gotten the memo that he is officially a toddler now because today was a day for milestones. First of all, he is cutting two teeth at once – a top right molar and his bottom right lateral incisor. He has been chewing on everything, including my clothes and the furniture. Then this morning I caught him trying to climb out of his crib! I instantly had visions of him toppling out in the middle of the night and crashing to the floor. Right before his nap, I took the rail off his crib and converted it to a toddler bed. Of course he fell out when he woke up. So for bedtime I put our futon mattress on the floor underneath his crib. That way if he falls out tonight, he will only plop down onto another soft surface. Who knows, he may even sleep through it. So far, he has been asleep for 2 1/2 hours and he has not fallen out. Crossing my fingers…

Peacefully napping just moments before waking and crashing into the pillows below.

But, because I am a mother and I naturally worry, Eric’s parents are bringing us a spare twin mattress tomorrow night, which I will put on the floor in place of his crib/toddler bed. He has slept on this particular mattress during his naps at their house, so I already know he likes it, plus I will not worry about him falling and getting scared in the middle of the night. The nice thing about a twin mattress is the fact that he will have a lot more room to toss and turn (which is does quite a bit), and transitioning him to a normal bed will be easy. We’ll simply add a box spring when he’s 2 and a bed frame when he’s 4 — or something along those lines.

Since I was already switching things up in his room, I decided to do a little rearranging to prevent him from climbing onto the window. My arm chair was by his window and so I needed to move that away so he couldn’t use it as a “ladder.” I also had to make room for his new toys!

Notice how he just tipped over his Diaper Genie...

Next we’ll be bolting all the furniture to the wall. He’s a little monkey!


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