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Happy Birthday Micah!

I woke the birthday boy up with a song – he danced in my arms while I sang “Happy Birthday” as best I could at 6:30 in the morning. He seemed to pick up pretty quickly that today was his special day.

He watched me piece together his homemade birthday sign.

Spelling out "Happy 1st Birthday" with leftover scrapbooking paper

After I finished the sign, I blew up a few balloons. Watching Micah’s face as I exhausted all my breath into these things was priceless. I could just tell he was dying to get his teeth sunk into these balloons, which is exactly why I placed them out of reach.

Chocolate brown and powder blue - perfect colors for a baby boy's birthday!

And then it was on to the cupcakes. I decided to go with triple fudge cupcakes and homemade chocolate buttercream frosting since it would show up pretty well in photos (when Micah smeared it all over his face, that is).

3/4 cup butter, tsp of vanilla, 3/4 cup milk, 4 1/2 cups powdered sugar, 1 1/2 cups cocoa... yummy!

I totally licked the spoon when I was done.

Thank you to Robin for lending me this cupcake "tower"

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon until our guests started to arrive. Tonight was just a little party for us and our parents.

Eric's mom and my dad hanging out with the birthday boy

While we were waiting for the pizza to be done, we decided to let Micah open up his presents. The last time he opened gifts at Christmas, he had no idea what to do, but this time he had a little more fun with it.

Just as interested in the wrapping paper!

Watching Daddy open his little people farm

Taking the little farmer for a spin around the living room

After presents we had pizza and cupcakes! Micah was pretty suspicious of the cupcake. Grandpa Mike had to help him out a little bit.

By the time the party was ending, Micah was pretty overwhelmed and exhausted. He passed out in his crib pretty quick, but I think he had a lot of fun. He will probably play with his new toys all day tomorrow!


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