Early Bird

For the first time in my life, I’m living up to the name I no longer go by. My maiden name is Early. Let me clarify, I may not always be on time, but I love waking up before the birds… and my baby.

Babies wake up early. Not in the way that old people wake up early, chatting at the breakfast table over dark black coffee and oatmeal; no, more like children on Christmas morning when they know there is an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle under the tree. (You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.) Once Micah is awake, everything gets set aside until nap time because he is a tornado with dimples, a swirly widows peak and a double tooth. He requires 152% of my undivided attention and I might be able to wash a few dishes while he sits in his high chair using both hands to shove massive numbers of Cheerios into his cheeks.

Engrossed with the TV remote.

Because I like to eat Raisin Bran in silence (go fiber!), read my Bible without tiny hands threatening to rip out the pages, and get showered and dressed before noon, I have been determined to turn myself into an early riser over the past month or so. Oddly enough, I have discovered that I like waking up before the sun comes up. It’s peaceful, and when Micah does wake up, I am ready for him in every sense of the word. My whole day falls into place.

One of the perks of being up early is the way it opens doors to have more fun during the day. It’s amazing how much you miss out on when it’s 11am and you’re still in your pajamas. If a friend calls and asks you to do something, you have to say, yeah, but give me an hour to get ready. There goes an hour of fun! And if that friend is inviting you to a time-sensitive activity, like a matinee, there goes all your fun! Why not be ready to do anything at a moment’s notice? Staying up late? You end up looking for something to do when everyone else is going to bed. Unless you’re living in a college town, there’s nothing to do after nine except to check Facebook or watch everything in your DVR. What’s the fun in that? (Disclaimer: no fault in Facebook and TV, that might actually be the perfect night for someone else, but not me.) When you wake up early, you can do things like go grocery shopping before all the good deals get snatched up, go out for breakfast with your friends, finish up your tasks before lunch and relax the rest of the day guilt free, and catch the good sales at the mall, just to name a few. Early bird gets the worm, right?

6:39: my baby just woke up. I’m dressed and my tummy is full of raisin bran. And I got to talk to you guys. This day is off to a good start.



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4 responses to “Early Bird

  1. Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so… its great!

  2. BohemianLamb

    FlyLady would be proud. 😛

    I agree though. I always used to be an early riser before I got sick… even as a kid. Life just seems more “alive” that way.

  3. I’ve recently been an avid supporter of this site for a while and never truly offered anything back, I really hope to alter that in the future with more talk.Thanks for another new inclusion for the website.

  4. Aliya

    Just seeing if the comment section will work for me….

    I think it’s great that you get up early and such. I always enjoy a good start to my day. And those days when I get up before anyone else in the house always feel so productive. Maybe I need to start doing that again.

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