Last night, after I logged off, I went downstairs to show Eric the pictures I took yesterday. I wanted to show him a couple in particular, in which Micah was making these ridiculously funny faces, like this one:

"Mom, I'm like, freaking out here!"

“Wait, what’s in his mouth?” I asked.  We zoomed in.

“That’s a tooth. He’s got a molar,” Eric replied.


Wait… I think he does. When did that happen? I have no idea. Except that for the past week I kept telling people, he’s cutting another tooth (evidenced by the night-waking and drool) and yet, I never saw which tooth was cutting through and I began to doubt myself.

Now I understand how he's been able to chew up foods like chicken tenders so well...

Now I’m going to be searching his mouth when he wakes up so see if there are any others way back there. Hopefully he doesn’t gnaw my finger with all those CHOMPERS! Really? He’s not even a year old yet and he has so many teeth.


So this morning I braved up and stuck my finger in his mouth. The gum is really tight and stretched, but the molar has not actually broken through yet. It sure did look like it had in the picture. I think I have not seen the worst of this teething episode, I’m afraid.



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2 responses to “Molar?

  1. Wow! He sure doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting those teeth!

  2. Barbara Luther

    That boy knows what’s important ….FOOD. To eat FOOD you need TEETH.
    No wonder he was drooling.
    Kimmama is going to get worn out brushing Micah’s teeth.

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