There were a lot of tears and laughter in my house today. The day did not begin well. For whatever reason, my alarm clock did not go off, which meant I woke up with Micah, giving me no time to read my bible, pray or eat breakfast in peace. A good day always starts with those things. Things got worse when I realized I could not find my rings. (I swear I’m not trying to write like Dr. Seuss.) I wear a wedding band on one hand and a pink sapphire ring on the other, which Eric gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I must have taken them off to put lotion on – but I could not find them for the life of me. I’m still hoping they are hiding at my mom’s house because I tore my house apart looking for them, and they were nowhere to be found. At one point, Micah was crying because he was ready for his nap, Abigail was crying because she was tired as well, and I was crying because I felt so ring-less, hungry (for the breakfast I had yet to eat), and unfocused (for the prayer and bible time I had missed). It’s a good thing Eric was home sick today because I really needed that hug.

Fortunately, nap time for the babies gave me time to clean the kitchen, eat breakfast and read my bible. Things started to look up from there. I decided the rings would be found when they were found, and worrying about them would not find them anyway.

The afternoon was fun. We built Eric a man-fort in the living room where he was racing cars in this amazingly realistic computer game. The purpose of the fort was to keep babies (a.k.a. Micah) at bay. Micah was super entertained by the game flashing on the TV. He played happily in the living room while Abigail looked on. We ate a delicious lunch, we played outside for a while, and everything was going well until…

Micah got stung by a wasp that had somehow worked it’s way into the screen in the open window. His pointer finger swelled up bigger than his thumb. We called the pediatrician’s office, but by the time we got a call back from the nurse, the swelling had subsided and Micah was back to his cheery self. I think it hurt me more than it hurt him, but I’m not sure.

Fortunately, a delicious chicken dinner was waiting for me in the crockpot, and it seemed to smooth things over with Micah. He loves chicken so much. He ate all of his chicken, carrots and cauliflower. He washed it down with some apple juice, which he tried for the first time today and absolutely loved. I thought for sure the night would end without a hitch.

Unfortunately, when Abigail was going home, Micah tried to climb off the landing and smacked his face into the floor. More tears. Many more tears.

*Sigh* I guess it was just one of those days. I hope I find my rings soon.

**Update!** (March 18; 7:15am)

I found my rings last night! I was so relieved. They were in the pocket of a pair of jeans I had hung up in my closet. I need to pick a designated spot to put those rings when I put Micah’s lotion on after his bath, so I will not lose them again! No more pockets!



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5 responses to “Extremes

  1. Barbara Luther

    Make sure you don’t throw away any trash or newpapersuntil you have looked through all of it for the rings. My guess is they are in your house,you wee home yesterday ,right? I think you would have missed them before today . Just get the idea in your head that they are THERE in your house ,somewhere.
    Russ and I wasted an entire day last week looking for his wallet. He sits a lot and his wallet is very thick and gives him a pain ,if you know what I mean,so he takes it out an lays it down ….just not always in the same place.This time it was between the sheet and blanket in his bed.Good luck .
    Maybe Micah needs a picture book with wasps, bees, and hornets,then you can teach him “owie hot,tell Mama”

  2. Get those plastic hooks that you stick on to the walls and stuff to hang things on, and put one right next to every area you typically take your rings off (high enough that Micah still can’t reach when he’s older!). Then make it a habit that the rings are always either on your fingers or a ring hook.

  3. Barbara Luther

    Have you found them yet?

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