I find them stuck to the bottom of my socks. I find them in his neck. They fall out of his diaper when I’m changing him. They magically appear in his crib in the morning. I take a step and I hear one breaking. I find them in the seats of the car. I find bits of them stuck in his hair.  He loves Cheerios with every meal. For every snack. If he finds one on the floor… anywhere… he eats it. He’s a Cheerio monster. If I could pick one thing to symbolize this stage in my life… it would be a Cheerio.



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3 responses to “Cheerios

  1. Michellene

    Cheerio! Makes me think of Glee…then of course…glee. I wish Kai would eat a darned Cheerio. I wish I would find them in his neck…most importantly in his mouth. hahaha

    This kid…still won’t eat. I hope I am not sending him to college with cases of Boost Plus!

  2. That describes my life ae well!

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