Inspired Wallpaper

Today my daily bible verse (I get one in my inbox each morning) was James 3:17. My first thought was, this is exactly how I would like to be. I read it again, but this time I replaced “the wisdom from above” with my own name and I asked myself, is it an accurate description of me? I’m not really a post-it-note type of person, but I do love Photoshop, so I made my own desktop wallpaper to help me memorize this verse and really let it sink in. Then I realized, maybe some of my friends would  like to have this as well. Now, this resolution is 1440 by 900, but if you would like this wallpaper in a different size, just leave me a comment with your resolution and I will post it in another entry.

Click on the image to view it in full size, then right-click and "set as desktop background."


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  1. internet elias

    Hello..Kimmamma. Just came across your site. Precious. Got a sense for your sweet little family….love the ‘and one little cute baby boy.’ 🙂 Have four of those cuddlies myself. Three are all grown up. One went from the delivery room with his guardian angel…to the place of God. He was born with a heart defect and lived only twenty-two minutes. I was blessed to see my guardian angel and my babies in the delivery room. AWESOME!

    Concerning the James 3:17… heart becomes ‘still’ and ‘quiet’ each time I read the verse. I have encountered the living Christ. He truly is all those things. He is beyond description in His purity, love, humility, innocense, and saving Grace. To Him be all the glory.

    Glad I came across your site. I am ‘refreshed.’

    Carolyn /

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