Occasionally I like to write out some of the things that Micah has been up to, since I am terrible about keeping a traditional baby book. He is now eleven months old. I am in the process of planning a big birthday party for him that will be on April 10. I’m pretty excited!

Micah has been hitting quite a few milestones lately:

  • He loves to wave when someone arrives or leaves.
  • He just learned to clap his hands the other day, and now he likes to clap all the time!
  • He nods or gestures at an object that he wants and “talks” as if to say, “I would like that, please.”
  • He can pick up a toy from the floor and stand up without assistance. (He usually then drops the toy so he can repeat this “game.”)
  • He can take a few steps. He can walk all over the place if he’s holding onto a finger, though.
  • His baby laughter has evolved into a childlike giggle.
  • He cut his seventh tooth recently, so he no longer has just the two teeth on the bottom, he has three!
  • He can open any cabinet or drawer and remove all its contents very quickly!
  • He eats regular table food now, as long as it’s cut up into little pieces. His favorite food is definitely chicken. He likes meat in general.


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  1. Kim, He is so stickin’ cute!!!!!! His one year birthday will be here before you know it. 🙂

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