What a Mess

Home ownership has its perks. It also has its risks. And after this past week, I would even say that home ownership may have more risks than perks. Apparently, our house hates us. It hates us so much that it decided to spray everything in our basement with enough water to fill a pool.

Just in case you never thought about where the water comes from while you take a shower, I’ll give you a quick explanation, and that is assuming you have city water like we do. The city pipes water into your neighborhood, and those pipes branch off and attach to your house. There is a main pipe that pumps all of the water you use through a valve which has a meter, and then into the rest of your home’s plumbing (water heater, etc.). The valve allows you to turn the water off if you need to. The meter allows the water company to charge you for the water you use.

Apparently, the very important seal that connects the main pipe to the valve and the meter, the one that should never ever be broken, broke. The water pressure was incredible. It looked almost like a small fire hose spraying into our basement, and it sounded like a gushing river was running through our house. There was no way to turn it off. The valve was hanging away from the wall, completely useless. I called my husband, who was at work. I called 911, who sent the fire department, who couldn’t do anything. They called the water department. That guy didn’t arrive until nearly an hour had past. In total, the water continued to soak our basement for fifty minutes. The man from the water department had to disconnect our water from the street. In the meantime, it was the most awful sound. I was really scared, I’m not going to lie. I had visions of water creeping up the stairs. Fortunately, the drain was keeping up with it enough so that the water level never really exceeded two inches. Unfortunately, that was enough to ruin quite a bit of stuff. We do have home owner’s insurance, however, and it looks like we will be able to replace everything that was damaged, including a desk, several computers, a lap top, and some other things. They fixed the seal and the plumber promised us it will never happen again. I can only hope.


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