Onion Onion

I went to the pantry the other day to grab an onion and I found this:

I did a little research and discovered that the top is actually the same green onion you buy at the grocery store and some people grow their own green onions this way, right on their window sill. If you rest the onion on top of a glass and keep the roots in water (but not the whole onion 0r it will rot), you can keep snipping the greens off the top, leaving about an inch, and get quite a bit of green onion out of one single regular onion. I’m not going to leave this onion in a wine glass – I just thought it looked cool – but I might try the glass trick and see how much green onion I can grow in my window.

Have you ever found a sprouting onion in your pantry?



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4 responses to “Onion Onion

  1. No, but that’s awesome! I want to try it 🙂

  2. Barbara Luther

    I wonder if you poured vodka or gin in it ,would it flavor the green part? Wouldn’t that make a neat Martini to serve someone?
    I have had onions sprout ,but not all nice and green like yours. I’m going to try this ,many dishes would profit from some green onion sprinkled in ,especially this time of year.
    Have you ever made your own sprouts?Like Alfalfa or broccoli?

  3. Great tip! I love to cook with green onions. I am definitely going to try this in my home!

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