Happy Valentines Day

Micah is a little love bug, isn’t he?

Eric and I celebrated Valentines Day one day early this year with our friends, the Gilmore’s. We always enjoy their company! Lately it seems like every time they visit we make our “famous” homemade pizza, and yesterday was no exception. Barry requested it, and we can’t say no to a pizza request! Our pizza recipe has now surpassed delivery, Barry says, and I have to agree. It’s mouth watering! This time we made a large, five cheese and Italian sausage pizza with “garlic bread” crust.  Everything, including the sauce is made from scratch and it is well worth the effort. In addition to the pizza, we made bruschetta with fresh chopped tomato and basil (Jayna’s recipe), savory garlic bread, a buttery Bundt cake drizzled with caramel topping (also Jayna’s), and fresh strawberries dipped in melted Ghirardelli milk chocolate.  That meal had to be one of the top five meals I’ve ever eaten in my life; that is how good it was. I’m still thinking about it.

Today is a very special day. Micah is going to be dedicated at church this morning! We are very excited and our families will be there to see it as well. Afterward we are all going to a family restaurant for lunch. I am going to dress Micah up in his red sweater again! A baby dedication is a brief ceremony (as in a few minutes), a spoken covenant between the pastor, the church, and the parents, to commit to raising up the child in a loving, Christ-centered environment.  I’m hoping Micah doesn’t freak out when the Pastor holds him during the prayer. Ha!


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  1. What an adorable idea for valentine’s pics!

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