Necessity is the Mother of…

…homemade baby food!

Before we started solids, I had full intentions of making all of my own baby food. Then the day came to start him on baby food and I found myself completely overwhelmed by the idea. I looked through recipes, instructions for steaming, which foods to use, etc, and I quickly reached for the jar of Beechnut instead. A few attempts resulted in Micah refusing the fruits of my labor since I couldn’t get the purees to be as smooth as the store-bought.

Now that Micah is getting into foods like spaghetti, pancakes, eggs, and other “big people” foods, I have revisited the idea of making my own purees since it’s no longer a necessity to make them so smooth. In fact, the opposite is true: I want them to be chunky! Still, I have been hesitating since it’s so easy to just grab that Beechnut and pop it in the microwave. So easy, that is, until you look in the pantry and realize you only have one jar left and it’s the one the baby refuses to eat!

Suddenly I’m raiding the fridge for veggies, digging out my steamer basket and trying to figure out how to make carrots a little more appetizing, since the last time he tried Beechnut’s variety he hated it. I’ve got three carrots and a slice of apple steaming right now over a pot of boiling water seasoned with pumpkin pie spice (in the water, not the carrots). I’m hoping the spice will seep up a little bit into the carrots without overwhelming them and add a little flavor. The apple should sweeten them up a bit. I plan on throwing it all in the food processor until it is semi-smooth and thick. I’m hoping that he will like it. Please, baby, please like it!



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3 responses to “Necessity is the Mother of…

  1. Barbara Luther

    How would canned pumpkin work? Maybe a touch of Molasses in it or even a small spoonful of Tomato sauce, to jazz it up.Actually ,would a dash of cinnamon hurt him?
    How about a smooshed up baked Potato,with a drop of milk or yogurt to smoothe the texture a little.
    Scrambled egg? Mac and cheese?

  2. Michellene

    Here’e hoping he will gobble it up and be a happy lil love bug!

  3. I’m very impressed! And that picture of “Spaghetti Face” is absolutely adorable! 🙂

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