Double Trouble

Micah’s most recent tooth has looked different from the beginning, but today, it finally grew to the point where it was visible just what was making it look so odd. Micah has a double tooth! His top left lateral incisor looks like two narrow teeth fused together. It likely only has one root. Apparently this occurs in half a percent of children – and my Sunday school teacher, who is a dentist, said it doesn’t indicate anything will be wrong with his adult tooth, but he will look different for a while! Ha ha! I think it will give him an advantage when chewing all those Cheerios he loves! I couldn’t get a front facing picture of it, but I got a shot from the bottom where you can see the two points. Weird, huh?

Two points!



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6 responses to “Double Trouble

  1. Barbara Luther

    I’d jut bet it caused double the pain while he was cutting it ,too. What darling adorable little teeth in his sweet little mouth. Mothers (and grandmothers) know ,each tooth represents hours of pain and suffering for baby and Mom,and are so precious and wonderful when they finally appear.Now he is Superperfect.

  2. michellene

    Kristen had this as well as our cousin Johnny. Pretty cool!

    • Kim

      Really? I read that it runs in families. But I don’t know that I or Eric ever had such a thing! I am wondering what it will look like when it grows in the rest of the way.

      • Michellene

        Yep- I know for sure my mom still has the tooth in her jewelry box. When Kristen’s came in it just looked like a regular tooth, just bigger…same for when it came out. I don’t think anyone every noticed it right off…but it sure was interesting to see both her and our cousin have them at the same time…..I believe they are only a few months apart in age…


  3. Oops, I hope he feels ok with the tooth.

    P.S Thanks for visiting my blog and try the curry recipe. I always encourage people to tweak the recipes according to their ingredients on-hand 🙂

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