Win: Face Recognition

I recently updated my version of Picasa, which has already completely changed the way I organize and use my pictures on my computer. I am completely shocked by the new face recognition feature. As we speak it is scanning all of the photos and correctly identifying nearly every picture of me, my husband, my baby, and the numerous other family and friends that I initially named. I feel like I have been thrust into the future and I am a little freaked out. What is most amazing, is that I was going to manually do this exact thing – to mimic the way photos are organized on Facebook – and I was quickly becoming overwhelmed by the task. Picasa is now doing it for me, occasionally asking me to confirm, and it is taking minutes, not months. I love it!

Kim through the years... Thanks to Picasa!

One thing I am noticing – how fun it is to pull various pictures of one person and see how much they have changed over the years.  In the snapshot above, there are pictures from my prom, my wedding, my first Christmas as a married women, and my most recent Christmas family portrait. (Yes I was a blonde once!) I can already tell I’m going to have a lot of fun with this…



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5 responses to “Win: Face Recognition

  1. Barbara Luther

    That is just awesome. I hadn’t gotten around to updating my Picasa, but I am going to . My pictures are such a mess,I didn’t get “tagging” so the pictures I’ve taken are all mixed up with scans and downloads.And I can never find the picture I want ,without a 3 hour search. This will be great.
    Your pictures are so great, you should be a model.
    I love the different hairstyles ,and makeup changes . Though you don’t appear to wear ( or need to) much.

  2. I have friends who use Picasa, but I haven’t tried it out. Is it free to use?

  3. I am a Picasa fan too! However, I haven’t tried out all of the new features on the updated version. Maybe I can do that tomorrow since it looks like we are going to be snowed in! 🙂

  4. Michellene

    I havent’ used Picasa in FOREVER. I am going to update and give it a whirl again. I just got tired of tagging in PE6 and then Picasa too.

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