Micah: the little man who now has six teeth, who uses those teeth to climb, who has a death grip, who loves to jump on his bed, who loves to pull condiments out of the refrigerator door, who can’t eat enough Cheerios, who lives for pulling every. single. book. off his shelf. Who loves to watch the fish swim around in the aquarium, who squeals and waves his arms every time his daddy walks in the door, who wishes his mommy would let him play with electrical cords, who must roll over and try to stand up on the changing table before he’s clean. He’s wearing a t-shirt that is twenty five years old. His daddy wore it as a baby. Now that’s authentic, priceless vintage style right there. And of course, Eric loved to see his son wearing that shirt this morning for the first time.



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5 responses to “Vintage

  1. I love that stage when they are starting to get into EVERYTHING. So much fun. Though definitely exhausting! Enjoy!

  2. michellene

    Oh that is so precious! He is his Daddy’s biggest fan! I love that its vintage! Awesomeness!

  3. Random thought, but I’m a tremendous fan of vintage clothing, mainly b/c it is unbelievably eco friendly! Anyway, keep up the fantastic work. I loved the post!

    • Kim

      Thanks! And as far as eco-friendly goes, hand-me-downs are great, too. We get most of Micah’s clothes from another family at church, which really saves us money and gets more use out of those clothes since they don’t wear them very long!

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