Well it “appears” that we are stuck… for quite a while. The brand new construction homes across the street just dropped their prices by nearly 25%, depending on the starting price, and in order to compete with them we would have to come up with approximately $40,000. The builders have abandoned our neighborhood, so here it sits, one row of homes, a little over half of the occupied, a little more than half of them on the market.

This neighborhood needs more neighbors

I couldn’t even ask someone to pay our asking price in light of these recent developments; it wouldn’t be ethical. Our asking price is exactly what we need to walk away and break even. So… for now, at least, we cannot move. The Realtor said it could be several years before the market recovers enough to allow us to sell our home and not lose money on it.

It’s not such a horrible thing to be stuck in a house I love. It’s the location I wish I could change. I would like to live a little closer to my mom and sister so we could get together a little easier. It’s also very hard for us to continue to afford living in this city, because of the taxes, now that I am not working. But, I have not forgotten how much we prayed about buying a house and how it worked out just right to move into this one. Because of this fact I am acutely aware that there are reasons greater than I may understand for why we live where we do, and perhaps we are “landlocked” for a special purpose. I don’t think it is a coincidence that while circumstances are evolving to keep us from moving, God is providing the financial means to help us stay. I have been asking God to bless Eric’s career and he has, just not in ways I anticipated. He has been getting more and more work on the side, fixing computers, and that income has been filling the gap. In addition to that, God has been providing for us through our friends and family, who have generously blessed us with exactly what we needed, when we needed it, and they probably had no idea they were helping us so much. That is how God works! I am continually praising him for his timely provision and favor on our family!

This view more accurately portrays our current weather!

No matter what happens, I believe that God will provide for us. I don’t expect to be exempt from hardship because I am a Christian, but I do know that God will help us get through those hardships. It helps to remember that this life is only temporary. One day, I will be free from this broken, tear-stained world with all of its problems; and I will walk in perfect peace, bliss, and love with Jesus in paradise. Perfect love casts out fear!



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3 responses to “Landlocked

  1. I wouldn’t mind living in your neighborhood! Like you said though…Rockford’s taxes are crazy. We couldn’t afford it now.

    We feel the same way about staying in Joplin that you feel about staying in Rockford. We may not understand why we are still here, but there must be a reason.

  2. Kristen

    Km! That is crazy news. Thanks for being an inspiration to the rest of us in circumstances beyond our control. Your trust in The One who is in control of these things exemplifies the position my heart needs to be in and stay in. Praying for you and your family! Continuing to praise alongside of you.

  3. Elaine

    Hi Kim! If it makes you feel any better, the builders have all but abandoned our subdivision as well. So here we sit with a giant dirt pile across the street and a row of houses along the other. And while we aren’t thinking about selling, it sure would be nice to fill in the gaps in the neighborhood!!! Have a good night, and Micah is so cute (as usual)!

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