9 Months + 9 Months

Eighteen months ago I saw one of these and experienced one of the biggest surprises of my life:

We were definitely trying to get pregnant, but that month I was sure it didn’t happen. I felt too “normal.” (I hadn’t noticed my increased appetite and the fact that I was taking 1-2 hour naps every day for the past week!) I can’t even begin to explain how excited I was that morning when I saw the faded pink line appear just seconds after I took the test.

By early November, it was apparent to everyone that something was going on in that pot belly of mine.

17 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Pregnant

Just days before my delivery

On a Monday night, Micah made his big debut:

Just born! (Look at those lips!)

And then the amazing journey began. I was a mom, and my little Micah was quickly growing right before my eyes!

10 days

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

On Wednesday, my baby will turn 9 months old, and then he will have been “out here” as long as he was “in there.”

9 Months

He’s crawling, he’s cruising around on the furniture and just today he learned how to plop down on his butt from standing. He climbed up one step this morning (scary!). Every day he’s picking up something new and he seems to get happier and happier. He loves jumping up and down in the doorway jumper seat, banging his blocks on the coffee table, batting his ball around and squealing when he gets excited. He can’t stand it if my eyes are closed; he has to grab my face so I will look at him. He started saying “Mama” this weekend, although right now it sounds more like “mummmuh!” He’s working on his 6th tooth right now, too! He likes to use those teeth as an extra “hand” when he’s climbing furniture; pretty soon we’ll have little bite marks all over the edge of the coffee table (it’s okay, it was a $50 table).  He eats about 4-5oz of baby food every day, but he still loves milk the best. His favorite food seems to be Pears & Pineapple. He likes to grab the spoon and put it in his mouth by himself. Yesterday morning he discovered his hands and now he’s always clasping his hands together. I’m trying to teach him to clap, but he doesn’t get it yet.

This Friday we’ll go to his pediatrician for his 9-month appointment and I’ll get to see how much he has grown. I know he is about 29″ and 18lbs, but that is just an estimate. When he was born he was 20″ and 8lbs 5oz.  He’s grown about 9 inches and 10 pounds in the last 9 months! Just think if you were to grow 9 inches in less than a year; I would be 6′ 3″! (No thanks!) I am not looking forward to his shots because I know it will be really hard to hold him down and this time he will probably stay upset longer. Poor guy! I’ll have to have some kind of treat ready for him afterward. 🙂



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3 responses to “9 Months + 9 Months

  1. Sarah

    Will he get shots this time? I was surprised at Lydia’s 9 month appointment when she didn’t have to get any at all!

    And apparently I’m on edge for some reason and multiple times I’ve read the titles of your blog posts and I think you’re going to announce that you are pregnant again. I guess just because #2 is on my brain! (MY future #2… someday… that is)

    • Kim

      Actually, I just assumed there would be more shots this time around, but maybe there are none. I hope not!!

      I am so excited to get pregnant again, whenever that might be. From here on out, any time would be a good time, but so far I have shown no signs of “returning fertility” if you catch my drift, hehe!

      • Sarah

        I hear ya. I’m in the same boat. My “returning fertility” didn’t show up until Lydia was over 9 months old, so maybe soon for you!

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