Why Babies Are Just Like Puppies

With all of the drool soaking my carpets and puddling on the linoleum, prospective buyers might suspect we were owners of a St. Bernard. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) we have had no prospective buyers, therefore eliminating the potentially embarrassing scenario where someone actually steps in a lake of drool and falls into another. It’s not a completely unlikely scenario. After all, somehow each morning I manage to step in it, even if there is only one little spit puddle in the whole room, and cringe at the feeling of wet sock. Is there anything worse?

It died down for a few weeks. The little man returned to his peaceful 12 hour nights and those two adorable bottom teeth gleamed when he smiled. The drool was minimal and I got a break from wet socks.

Then one evening, he woke up an hour after he went to bed. And again a few hours later. And again an hour later. And somewhere in between shuffling to his room at 3am in a stupor and crashing back into my pillow, it hit me. He’s getting another tooth. I should have known, because I was being showered in drool again. The next morning, I saw a glimmer of white in his gums while he blubbered. He is so pitiful when he cuts a tooth, and “blubbering” is the best word I can think of to describe the pout, furrowed brow, watery eyes, and sad gibberish continually streaming from his cute little down-turned lips. Baby Orajel had him smiling again, but it only lasted for so long, and I just don’t feel right about continuously slathering meds on his gums.

He cut another tooth this morning, the right lateral incisor, giving him a potentially lopsided grin, with two bottom teeth in the center, and two top teeth on the right side. I’m sure the top two left will follow soon, though, and in a month’s time they’ll look even.

In the midst of all this drool, we have the biting, and that is what led us to realize that having a baby can be just like having a puppy. We’ll be sitting in the living room, and all of a sudden he takes off, panting and laughing and smiling from ear to ear while he charges the coffee table. As soon has he gets in range, he flops on his belly and turns his head to the side to latch on to the leg of the table with his teeth and he begins to GNAW. And he sounds like he is GROWLING while he does it. I am not kidding. If it’s not the leg of the coffee table, it’s the leg of the couch, or my brand new heels, or my arm! Everything he can fit into his mouth, he no longer licks, but chews! He leaves these cute little twin teeth marks in everything! Eric and I are laughing as we pry him off of things all day.

Of course, puppies also cuddle and that is our favorite part. When he crawls across the room to climb up into my lap and bury his head in my neck, I melt. He opens his mouth wide and just sort of presses it into my cheek, a “kiss,” leaving it dripping with spit, literally. It’s so cute.

He drools in my mouth when we play airplane and he bites my shoulder when I carry him to bed, but oh my, I love this little boy so much.

High Chair "Art"


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