My Little Mover

My little man is crawling!

Sunday  night was the first time I saw him do it, on the day he turned 8 months. We were at small group at our pastor’s house, and during the prayer, I felt Micah get off my lap. I opened my eyes to see him crawling towards his toys! Amanda, who was sitting behind me, saw it, too, but everyone else had their eyes closed!

Monday and Tuesday, Micah became shy about crawling. I would catch him trying it again when he thought I wasn’t in the room, but if I was there he would whimper and reach up to me (to be picked up). Perhaps the only reason he did it on Sunday night was because we all had our eyes closed.

Yesterday he finally decided he was brave enough to try it in front of me. I’ve been capturing video on my camera of his progression since last month and I compiled it this morning to music. The first time I watched it with this soundtrack I teared up. What is it about the music? I love it!

Of course, this also means he is getting into even more things than he was before…

Apparently the drapes are more fun than his toys!



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2 responses to “My Little Mover

  1. Yay, Micah!! Tell him Emily watched his video and can’t wait to see what kind of trouble they can get into in the nursery together now (she’s officially a crawler now too)!

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