Love and Gratitude

This post is about how much I love (LOVE!!) my husband. I would say something really poignant about how our love “withstands the fire and trials of life” to go with the above picture, but then you would hear me laughing across the expanse of the internet. Not that it isn’t true…

Eric and I are certainly not the only people holding on for dear life during this economical death wave the news is calling a recession. You know, the one which is supposedly over? Yesterday I saw a man driving down our street in a white van with our city’s logo plastered on the side. He parked across the street to slip a red notice over the neighbor’s door handle. I’m assuming that means we are not the only ones struggling to pay our water bill (among others). I paid mine online yesterday morning, otherwise that might have been our door he tagged. It was probably just a scary threat… “YOU’LL NEVER HAVE RUNNING WATER AGAIN if you don’t pay the $18.53 that is 30 DAYS delinquent.” That pretty much sums up the attitude my city has towards its residents.

Despite the drama of bill collectors and the tears we’ve shed over not being able to eat at the Chinese Buffet anymore, our money “problems” have only united us. A lot of couples end up fighting, but some how we’ve managed to learn how to laugh at our situation. We also share a perspective in that we recognize that we have led privileged lives, and the luxuries we’ve been forced to give up have never been a reality for many.

Most of the credit goes to Eric. He is the calm one.  In the five years that I have known him, he’s lost his temper maybe one time and even then it paled in comparison to my past explosions. He’s also very level headed and always has the perfect words to immediately extinguish any panic or frustration on my part. God created hot springs, sunsets, soft breezes, and crackling fires… and then he created Eric.

On top of that, he adores our baby, and everyone knows that while a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is through her children. When he comes home for lunch, Micah lights up and can’t take his eyes off of him, and neither can I. He swoops Micah up to play airplane and the little guy can’t stop grinning from ear to ear. In a few years, they’ll be inseparable; there’s no doubt in my mind.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to take time to really consider how the Lord has blessed me and sincerely thank Him for everything. By far, one of the biggest gifts in my life is Eric. Not only is he the love of my life, but God has used him to mold me and teach me over the years. He has helped me to become more disciplined and more patient. Through our marriage, God has blessed us with an adorable son, who steals my heart every morning when he greets me with smiles and squeals of delight. I have found a life-long friend in my husband; a person who I can count on and love for the long haul. Even though we are broke (for now), we have the Lord, our health and our family, and that carries much more value than all the money in the bank.


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  1. Michellene

    Girl…you are filthy rich in all the ways that matter! Love you! Never met you but LOVE you!

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