Metaphorically Speaking…

If you want an apple, you can do one of three things.

1. Sit at your table and pray for an apple.
2. Plant some apple tree seeds, care for the seedling every day and pray that it will bear fruit.
3. Go out and buy an apple (but you only get one.)

Obviously, I’m talking about something much bigger than apples. When we desire something in life, anything really, we have the choice to simply hope it will arrive, “plant the seeds” and pray for success, or take a chance by pursuing our desires completely on our own ambition and resources. I’m come to realize that #2 is probably the best method. I really don’t think God operates under the principles of option #1. Throughout scripture we see the Lord give his people instructions and take things one step further. For example, Jesus told the servants at the wedding at Cana in Galilee to fill jars with water before he turned it all into wine. He did not make wine appear from thin air and he did not instruct the servants to go purchase the wine.

Likewise, I believe that God has big plans for us, plans that are bigger than what we can accomplish on our own, and yet he desires to include us. This process contradicts what the world worships: selfish ambition, greed and instant gratification. But when God is in the business of turning water into wine, I don’t want to operate under the world’s terms.

Tonight, my husband and I planted some seeds and filled our jars with water. If you find a little moment in your busy day, ask the Lord to give us apples and wine. We really need it.


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