FREEBIE!! (Wet Ones)

It’s FLU season! As if we weren’t worried enough about our kids and family members catching the seasonal flu, now we’re running around, trying not to catch H1N1 (“Swine Flu”), too!

What’s the number one rule? WASH THOSE HANDS!

But what if you are in your car? The park? The pumpkin patch? What are you supposed to do then?

The answer: use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or antibacterial hand wipe. There are a lot of products out there to choose from, I’ll admit, but Wet Ones happen to be my favorite, and that’s why I agreed to do this giveaway. Why do I love Wet Ones?

Once upon a time, I had a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse. While getting into my car, I noticed a really strong odor coming from the passenger seat. I looked over to see the bottom of my purse completely soaked! Upon opening my purse I discovered that my bottle of hand sanitizer had broke and spilled everywhere. Fortunately it didn’t ruin my cell phone, but it was a close call! The bad news is my purse and its contents stunk for a week!

Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes come in a canister that fits perfectly in your cup holder, meaning you’ll never deal with the hassle of hand sanitizer spilling all over your stuff like I did. They also clean up gunk while they sanitize, so they are perfect for kids’ messy hands – you can’t say that about hand gel.

I was thrilled to receive two free samples of Wet Ones. (Now I have one for the car and for the diaper bag.) I also have a FREE canister of Wet Ones to give out to three lucky readers. To enter, all you have to do is fill out the form below. Spread the word!

[This contest is now closed! Thanks for entering!]

A big thank you to GolinHarris for contacting me for this giveway!


Rules and Stuff

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I use to help me pick all of the winners. After the contest ends, all of the entered e-mail addresses & info go into one big spreadsheet. I then use’s Sequence Generator to create a random string of numbers that get copy-and-pasted next to the column of e-mail addresses. A simple sort command shows me which lucky name(s) came out on top.

Sorry, no bonus entries. I have an infant; I don’t have that kind of time! reserves the right to execute any contest or giveaway at its discretion and determine winners as it sees fit and fair. Rules, entry guidelines, prizes and eligibility for a contest may be changed at any time and without notice. Prize providers reserve the right to terminate a contest at any time and blog readers will be notified if and why this occurs.

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Thanks for playing!


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