The Sound Every Mother Lives For

My favorite part of the day involves finding new ways to make Micah laugh. His giggles are often muffled by his fists, which he stuffs in his mouth constantly. Lean in too close, and he’ll grab your mouth or nose with his dripping hands, smearing spit all over your face. Does that stop me from planting five hundred kisses on those chubby cheeks of his? Not in a million years!

Yesterday he turned four months old. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Everyone told me this would happen, but I never understood just how right there were until now. He is so active, so playful, and oh so opinionated! I feel like it was only yesterday that he fit right between my crossed arms. Today his long legs sprawl over my lap and onto the couch. He’s wearing 9mo/12mo sleepers. Where he got his height, I have no idea!

He looks so much like my husband, it’s scary.

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