Mattress Rejuvenation

Eric and I sleep on a very old bed. It was my bed before we got married, and it was my parents’ bed before that. In its heyday, it was a pretty luxurious mattress, but 15+ years of sweet dreams have taken their toll. The bed sags in the middle like a hammock, leaving my husband very sore in the morning. Towards the end of my pregnancy, he took to sleeping on the floor on a piece of memory foam. He didn’t fit in our queen size bed very well anyway, considering I was taking up so much space with my large pregnant belly and 52 pillows. Then he got accustomed to the floor in the other room during the first few weeks after Micah was born. I started to miss him a lot. We really wanted a new mattress, but they are much too expensive for us right now.
Last night my dad and Eric went to Menards and picked up a 3/4″ 4×8′ piece of particle board for $10 and brought it back home. They trimmed it and stuck it in between the mattress and box spring. It’s like a brand new bed! Last night I got my hubby back! I sleep so much better when he’s there next to me – he keeps the bed warm and I like the sound of him breathing. As I was falling asleep, I thanked God for my two men: my big man on my left and my little man on my right. I am so blessed. This morning I felt great, too. The bed was much more supportive. I can’t believe what a difference that board made.


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