Life With a Baby

I’ve learned:

  1. How to change a diaper very quickly.
  2. How to get squirmy arms through tiny holes in tiny clothes.
  3. How to do housework with one hand.
  4. To drop whatever I’m doing and fall asleep as soon as my son does.
  5. To prioritize – only the important things get done each day.
  6. To cherish even the fits of crying – they won’t last.
  7. To appreciate brief moments with my husband.
  8. To eat when I can.
  9. DVR is even more important now than ever – there’s nothing good on TV during those late night feedings!
  10. 4am, while nursing, is the perfect time to read my bible and pray.
  11. Labor is already a fading memory – I’m glad I wrote about it while it was still fresh in my mind.
  12. Blogging is now a luxury saved for those times during afternoon naps when the laundry is already done and the kitchen is clean.

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